The County Council has been allocated an additional £5.95m for the repair of potholes and other road defects reports Councillor Edward Heron.

While this additional funding is very much welcomed, it is unfortunately but a fraction of what is required to return Hampshire’s roads and pavements to a standard we would wish.

However, from April the Council will be deploying additional resource to utilise this funding and the money should allow the Council to fix an additional 40,000 potholes than funding previously allowed for.

It is therefore more important than ever that potholes and other road defects are reported, preferably online at

As an alternative, potholes can be reported using the ‘FixMyStreet’ mobile app that is available for both iOS Apple and Android devices.

Using the ‘FixMyStreet’ app doesn’t enable the same level of feedback as you will not receive the Hampshire County Council tracking reference number, but as it utilises the mobile device’s GPS and camera, it does make on-site reporting simple and quick.

It would be preferable for reports to be made using the Council’s website, but better defects are reported than not and the simplicity and immediacy of the app may encourage more reports.

t is not a problem if the same issue is reported by more than one person, better this that a pothole is missed as it wasn’t reported.