This alert is being sent out as an informative message on how to report an animal road traffic collision which occurs within the boundaries of the New Forest.

The agencies that will need to be informed at the time of the collision are Police on 101 or 999 which ever the circumstances dictate, and also the Verderers/ Agisters 023 8028 2052 (Daytime)

Should an incident occur and an animal (Defined later, under the Road Traffic Act 1988) is hit and becomes injured, or possibly has or is in such distress that an Agister is required to humanly dispatch the animal then this is what to do: –

Call Police/ Agister at the time of the collision, or as soon as practicable to do so. The maximum time allowed to report is 24 hours after the collision. If you do not report the collision within this time period, then it can be classed as a fail to report RTC which is then an offence. (When you call the police the control room will have the number of an on duty Agister to call out).

Give a good location, i.e. road name, nearest junction, or noticeable building that you are near too.

State what animal has been injured, colour and markings on it, and what direction IF any  the animal has moved to. The following are the reportable animals that have to be reported if involved with a collision: Cow, Horse, Ass, Mule, Pig, Sheep, Dog, Goat (CHAMPS DG). New Forest Ponies are also included.

Foxes, Deer, Badgers and other wildlife are not required to be reported to police or the New Forest Verderers Office.

If any of the above animals are involved in a collision, an attending Agister will require basic details for their records and insurance purposes if required to make contact later on. The animals are classed as property much like a car is, and should any injury or damage occur to new forest stock then Name, and  Address of the driver should be provided. However; if the owner of the vehicle is not present then details of the owner should also be provided. Also please give the registration of the vehicle(s) involved.

Remember that New Forest animals have the priority on the roads within the New Forest boundaries. Please drive to the road conditions, be mindful that animals can be concealed within hedges, behind trees etc and will walk out into the road without any notice despite your approach. Please keep your speed down and by doing so you will increase your chances of being able to avoid collisions.

Thank you.