New Forest District Council has announced changes to recycling in the district after a review of its ‘bring banks’ revealed a large drop in their use, with people now able to recycle more from home.

The recycling banks, located in public areas and car parks (including supermarket car parks, and some NFDC car parks), will be reduced to 20 from the current 106, in early 2017.  The change comes after a review of the banks found the amount of material being collected at these sites has reduced because people can now recycle the materials at home.

Cllr Sophie Beeton, portfolio holder for the environment, said: “Since the introduction of kerbside household glass recycling, all of the materials that can be taken to our bring banks can be recycled at home through the clear sack or black box. The time is now right to take out many of these banks, whilst leaving a core network of sites that residents can use for additional recycling.”

The 20 remaining sites will mirror our kerbside service, with banks for glass bottles and jars, and banks that can be used for paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, tins, cans and aerosols. We are also looking at small electrical recycling banks, which would expand the range of materials residents could recycle such as toasters, mobile phones, and hairdryers,without having to visit the tip (HWRC), and textile banks.

The change will create savings of around £143,000 for the waste and recycling service and will start from February.

More information, including the sites that will be available, will be at  from the end of the year, once the review of the most viable sites is complete.