Hampshire police are warning of a scam where victims are telephoned by fraudsters who claim they are from Inland Revenue or HMRC and are being told they must pay a tax bill immediately or risk arrest.

They are then told they can pay off the bill by purchasing Itunes vouchers, and then reading out the serial numbers over the telephone.

The fraudsters make their money by then selling on these serial numbers.

Other stories may be used to get the victim to buy them:

The vouchers are for payment for goods or services/investment opportunities

The vouchers are fraudulent, and they are helping with a police investigation to buy them in order to be checked.

If you see any person (usually elderly but this is not exclusive) looking confused at the vouchers stand, or buying a large amount, please take a moment to talk to them.

They may have been told to give you a reason for the purchase, as directed by the fraudster. Tell them you think they may be involved in a scam and you want to help.

You can contact us on 101 to let us know.

Your help is vital in stopping this scam, and we are extremely grateful to you