What a night!

The annual “Murder Mystery evening”, which took place on the evening of the 7th February, was a complete sell-out again.  Entitled “Red Rose Murders” it was set in the dog eat dog world of 1950’s Hollywood and started off with a cigar chomping famous (or is it infamous?) Hollywood stars’ agent being found face down in the pool of his Hollywood mansion, surrounded by a hundred scattered roses.

Characters like “Inspector McClue, Private Dick”, Princess Kelly, Rock Houston, Marilyn Mansfield, Mae Vest, Salvador Dilly-Dally and Marlon Mean (who turned out to be the baddie) were all ably played by local am-drams and the like as the mystery un-ravelled in front of the eyes of those who attended.

All-in-all, it was a very successful evening, with a three-course meal, live cool jazz by local jazz combo: “Vanessa’s Villains”, superb, very funny entertainment.

Same time, same place next year? We hope so. For further details, do contact our chair, Alison Ayling &/or Derek Ayling, on 01425 650770, or email either of them on:    Hippotrain@btinternet.com