New Forest District residents who heat their homes using alternative fuels or do not pay bills directly to an energy supplier have until 31 May to apply for energy bills support.

New Forest District Council has been awarded funding from the government as part of their “Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding”, which has enabled the council to offer two additional forms of energy bills support to residents, including the Energy Bills Alternative Fund and Energy Bills Support Discount Scheme.

Residents who live in properties that are not connected to the mains gas grid and heat their homes using alternative fuels, such as heating oil, solid fuel, biomass, or liquefied petroleum gas, should have automatically received a one-off £200 Alternative Fuel Payment from their energy supplier.

But residents who do not pay bills directly to an energy supplier and have not yet received this payment will need to apply before 31 May.

Residents can apply on the GOV.UK website by searching “energy bills alternative fund” and filling out a short form.

They will need to provide evidence to support their application and confirm their purchase of alternative fuels, for example invoices, and can call 0808 175 3943 if they need help with completing their application.

Also available is a £400 energy bills support discount for residents who have not received the support directly and live in an off-grid home, park home, or in a partially or wholly self-funded care home, which includes local authority funded care homes.

This is as well as those who are site owners or pay for their energy through a landlord by a commercial meter.

Residents can check if they are eligible for the energy bills support and apply before 31 May on the GOV.UK website by searching “apply for energy bill support if you do not get it automatically.” They can call 0808 175 3287 if they need assistance.

New Forest District Council are also encouraging residents to share this information with family and friends who may not be aware of the energy bills support.

More information about cost of living support can be found on New Forest District Council’s website at