Garden Waste wheeled bin collection service

At the Cabinet meeting on 5 July 2023, New Forest District Council agreed the detailed plans for a new garden waste collection service using wheeled bins.

The council already has a garden waste service, with 21,000 customers.

This is around 1 in every 4 households using the service.

The service collects garden waste from households once a fortnight and currently uses a reusable bag.

As agreed as part of the authority’s wider waste strategy*, from April 2024 the garden waste service will use a 240l wheeled bin.

The bin will hold twice what the current bags hold. It will be a black wheeled bin with a brown lid.

The new service will have an annual charge of £65, plus a one-off charge of £25 for the supply of the bin.

These charges are in line with the average price charged by all Hampshire councils

Residents wishing to join the new service will be invited to sign up for the new service in the autumn this year.

And those that sign up then, will receive an early offer of no charge for the supply of the bin, a £25 saving.

Customers who join the service in the autumn will have their wheeled bins delivered between January and March 2024.

Information will be on the Council’s website at or