Are you retired, looking for things to do, to keep you off the streets, to stop you hanging around on street corners? Do you have good driving skills, or have effective organisational skills? Why not consider joining us, as a coordinator, driver, or helper in any other way?

In that case, I want to take advantage of you:

As you probably know , we are a voluntary care group that offers services like, transport to and fro medical and dental appointments, hospital, GP and other health transport, collecting prescriptions and shopping facilities, for people who have health difficulties and require assistance with transport. We tend to have very appreciative, satisfied and happy clients, although it has to be said, we do get the odd “difficult one”.

We have now completed our job number 5000. In 2004, when we first started, we undertook 55 jobs, and were very pleased with ourselves. This year we have done 623, making a grand total of well over 5000 now. We have recently lost two coordinators, who urgently need replacing, and we are getting very short of drivers too. We thank those drivers, co-ordinators and helpers, for all their help in the past, and we are now seeking some more.

So what’s in it for you? Putting something back into the community, that warm feeling, meeting people, the sense of purpose, the challenge, self-satisfaction?

We cover the area which encompasses Alderholt, Fordingbridge, Godshill and Sandleheath. We are run entirely by volunteers, although drivers are reimbursed running costs. We operate on a non-profit-making basis. We do need to have at least 48 hours notice of the required service, and our ‘phone line is open between 9.00 am and 5.00pm, not at weekends though. We’re not an emergency service, nor are we a taxi service.

So if you like driving, organising or helping, if you like working from home, every now and again, do call one of our duty co-ordinators on 07391 804222, and we’ll be in contact.

Derek Ayling
Two Bridges Care Group