Defib Finder

Defib Finder provide up to date information on defibrillator locations across the UK, using data from The Circuit, the national defibrillator network. Enter your location to find the nearest defibrillators to you. Then simply click on the defibrillator icons for further information, such as availability, access information and directions.

Disclaimer: Please always dial 999 immediately in an emergency and they will direct you to your nearest defibrillator. 

Please note, Defib Finder are still working hard to populate The Circuit with the data on the tens of thousands of defibrillators across the UK, by asking guardians to register. This means that Defib Finder will only be able to show you your nearest defibrillator that is registered on The Circuit and where we have been given permission to share the data.  This will be subject to change as more defibrillators are registered on The Circuit.