The Culinary Wizardry of George Egg Hits Fordingbridge

The gastronomic innovator George Egg, famed for his creative fusion of cooking and comedy, is set to embark on a thrilling visit to The Burgate School Fordingbridge.

Known for his unique approach that blends culinary prowess with sidesplitting humour,

Egg promises an array of new recipes and ingenious kitchen hacks.

The tour anticipates drawing food enthusiasts and comedy lovers alike, eager to indulge in Egg’s latest flavorful adventures.

With his extraordinary ability to transform the most mundane hotel room appliances into gourmet apparatuses, George Egg is reshaping the contours of dining entertainment. The evening is promising a feast for the senses and a rollicking good time.

Ticket Details:
Thursday, 1 February, 7:30pm
£10.00 £5.00 (under 18s), £25.00 (family) in advance from
Fordingbridge Information Office: 01425 654560
or online at
Bar Open from 7:00pm (cash only) I Suitable for people over the age of 14


George Egg cooks food while making you laugh. In recent years he’s performed three sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (‘Anarchist Cook’ 2015, ‘DIY Chef’ 2017 and ‘Movable Feast’ 2019) cooking over a thousand dishes, all in front of an audience, and none with an actual kitchen.

Learn how to cook with power tools, with hotel-room appliances and even how to make a hot meal on a moving train. Because this is the best bits. Three meals, cooked live, with jokes and you even get to taste the food at the end.

As featured on ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’ and ‘Bake Off: An Extra Slice’ (both Channel 4), ‘This Morning’ (ITV), as heard on ‘Loose Ends’ (BBC Radio 4) and watched online as SNACK HACKER with over 8 million views.

‘the wonderfully talented George Egg is genuinely unique’

‘you won’t believe how good the food is’

‘a genius… he is the friendly face of anarchy, the anarchic face of food and the foodie face of comedy”