Fordingbridge Rotary, this week, is celebrating a landmark charitable achievement, as one of numerous Rotary Clubs that has raised over £1 million to “LendwithCare”.

This enables people in the UK to make small loans to entrepreneurs from poor communities around the World, enabling them to start or expand their small businesses, and work their way out of poverty, feed their families and send their children to school.

Fordingbridge Rotary has raised around £1500.

Club spokesman John Crossman, said that Fordingbridge Rotary is proud to be part of this fantastic initiative, and represents a great way to help people out of poverty.

You see exactly where the money is going, and what it’s being used for.

Fordingbridge Rotary has a proud history of fundraising for charitable causes through various community events.

For further details, do contact Derek Ayling and John Crossman on the website below