Cover of the New Forest District Council Corporate plan 2024-2028, featuring the council logo, title, and images representing the community, nature, and coastline of the district in a teal, purple and green color scheme

At their Council meeting (8 April 2024) New Forest District Council presented their new corporate plan, outlining the vision, values, and priorities for the period 2024 to 2028.

Under the leadership of Cllr Jill Cleary, and Chief Executive Kate Ryan, the plan means the council is ready to address challenges and realise opportunities, while prioritising the core themes of people, place, and prosperity.

Cllr Jill Cleary, Leader of New Forest District Council, emphasised the significance of the plan: “Our corporate plan is a crucial document for us as it ensures that we prioritise services that are most valued by our residents and provide support for those most in need. It serves as a roadmap for our commitment to serving our community and safeguarding the unique environment of the New Forest.”

The key themes of the district’s updated plan, chosen after reviewing results of a resident survey in 2022 and in consultation with Members and council staff, focus on:

People: supporting vulnerable residents, addressing financial hardships, and ensuring access to affordable housing. Central to this priority are community engagement, homelessness prevention, and enhancing housing quality.

Place: recognising the significance of the district’s natural environment, the council aims to balance growth with conservation efforts. Strategies include sustainable development, climate resilience, and enhancing community spaces.

Prosperity: fostering economic growth while ensuring inclusivity and sustainability. Initiatives include promoting the Solent Freeport, supporting local businesses, and championing skills development and employment opportunities.

To make the plan, which will run through every service the council provides, possible, it will be supported by the council’s transformation programme which seeks to enable the local authority to focus on customer-centric service delivery, efficient working practices, workforce development, and financial sustainability.

Performance on ambitions set in the plan will be monitored and reported to Members at overview and scrutiny panels, and Cabinet.

For more information and to access the full corporate plan, visit