Community Matters, Corporate Plan 2020 to 2024

At their Cabinet meeting of 5 July 2023, New Forest District councillors considered the annual performance report for 2022 to 2023.

The yearly review looks at how council services have performed over the past 12 months.

Each priority in NFDC’s ‘Corporate Plan’, A4 year document for 2020 to 2024 to set targets and direction of work for the council’s services, is scrutinised.

Leader of NFDC, Cllr Jill Cleary, said, “This report has allowed me to reflect on the corporate plan, and how its title, ‘Community Matters’, feels even more pertinent to me than it did when my party set it in early 2020.

Little did we know then the challenges that we, our communities, and our staff and finances, would be faced with when a pandemic, cost of living crisis, and a stronger drive to address the climate emergency presented themselves.

“So we should be rightly proud when we look at the performance achieved by our services and staff.

There is so much to comment on looking back at this last year.

The agreement of the waste strategy, the climate action plan, and the Solent Freeport approval.

All priorities which will see benefits for our residents. “As well as putting in place plans for the future, we also worked hard with our partners to ensure we supported those struggling with the cost of living challenge.

We established five community hubs, delivered £220k community grants, as well as distributing government support for those in greatest need.

“I am proud of the achievements that have been highlighted.

This report is the opportunity to reflect on the Council’s performance in the past, as we now turn to the future and look at our priorities and plans for the future, delivering essential services that matter to our residents.”

‘Community Matters, Corporate Plan 2020 to 2024’ can be viewed on the council’s website at

And the annual performance report is published at