clock and pumpkin on a bed of leaves

Clock change
The clocks go back one hour at 2am on Sunday 30 October.

When the clocks go back, the UK will switch from British Summer Time (BST) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

This means that the mornings will be lighter, but it will get darker more quickly in the evenings, which is sadly when we see an increase in animal deaths on the roads.

For the past few years we, and other organisations in the New Forest, have been asking people to add just 3 minutes to their daily journeys.

By adding 3 minutes to your journey, you can drive a little slower and still reach your destination on time. It will also give you more time to react and your reaction distance will decrease.

At 40mph your stopping distance is typically 118 feet (about 9 car lengths), whereas at 30mph, your stopping distance decreases to 75 feet (about 6 car lengths).

Halloween safety
If you’re celebrating Halloween this year, there are plenty of ways to have fun while staying safe and being kind to your neighbours.

If you’re trick or treating, remember to only knock on the doors of houses that are decorated and leave straight away if no one answers.

Not taking part in Halloween? Hampshire Police have created a sign you can download, print and place on your door:—trick-or-treat-a4-flyer-web.pdf

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service have some advice to help keep you safe this Halloween:

  • check that costumes, face paint, wigs and masks have a registered trademark and comply with safety regulations
  • use L E D candles inside pumpkins which are safer and can be reused every year
  • keep costumes away from any naked flames
  • stop, drop and roll if your clothing does catch fire
  • cool any burns with large amounts of water and get urgent medical assistance

For more useful advice, visit the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service website:

Cost of living information and advice
There is so much information being circulated about the current cost of living crisis, and at times it can be overwhelming. To make it easier, we have an easy-to-navigate cost of living page on our website. It’s regularly updated with the latest guidance.

View cost of living information on our website:

We also include some of the latest information in our emails to help keep you informed.

Second cost of living payment
Households receiving Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) benefits will receive the second part of the £650 Cost of Living Payment from 8 November.

To qualify for this, you must have been entitled to a payment of Pension Credit on or before the qualifying date of 25 September 2022.

It is not too late to claim Pension Credit. It is possible to backdate the claim for a maximum of three months, which means you can still qualify for the second Cost of Living Payment.

Be aware of scams
The DWP are warning the public to watch out for scammers targeting people about cost of living payments. The government will never ask for your bank details over the phone.

If you’re eligible, you’ll automatically receive the money straight into your account. If you think you’ve been scammed, contact your bank immediately and report any scams to Action Fraud.

Do you burn wood to keep warm?
As we head into colder months, it’s good to start thinking about how we can burn better, burn cleaner and burn differently.

The Environment Centre advises:

  • use efficient appliances, such as DEFRA exempt, EU Ecodesign 2022 or ClearSkies mark, and service and clean them regularly
  • use cleaner fuels, such as smokeless, authorised fuels or dry, well-seasoned ‘ready to burn’ wood with low moisture content
  • switch heating source to no or low emission fuels, such as renewable, electric or gas alternatives
  • reduce your need for heating through insulation and draught-proofing
  • Read more advice about wood burning on the Environment Centre’s website:

New Forest District Council will not increase car parking charges next year

Parking costs in the New Forest district car parks will not rise in 2023.

The New Forest District Council short stay annual ‘parking clock’ will remain at £30, long stay annual clock at £140, and long stay quarterly clock at £40.

Car park charges in the New Forest District towns and villages has not changed since January 2018 and so these will stay the same, and coastal car park charges will be held at the current 2021 price.

Cllr Steve Davies, the Portfolio Holder for Environment and Coastal Services said, “This decision supports highstreets, local businesses, communities, and residents in the current cost of living situation by continuing to provide exceptional value parking in car parks across the district.”

In recent years, there has been considerable investment to improve car parking infrastructures and technology, as well as maintenance and landscaping. The council has invested in Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPs) and now has 29 fast chargers (22Kwh) in 10 of our town and village car parks.

Looking to the future, the council plans to have a mixture of fast and rapid chargers in a 5 additional car parks in the district. Charging points will be provided in 3 coastal car parks at Milford and Barton on Sea and aim to be available by summer 2023.

Additional rapid chargers will be installed at Ringwood Furlong to provide a charging ‘hub’ which will support the town and local economy.