The Two Bridges Care Group had an extraordinary meeting this week, because the group is running out of drivers and coordinators.

Two Bridges is a care group which voluntarily provides transport services to local hospitals, doctors, dentists etc, for those who need it.

To enable the group to meet these demands, it is always in need of volunteer drivers, and coordinators.

The coordinator job consists of keeping in touch with the drivers, to assist them in fulfilling the needs of the clients/patients.

They get paid expenses and the real reward is the gratitude and appreciation of those in the local community.

Recent good news includes the recruitment of three new drivers and the introduction of a new easy-to-use automated computer-based booking system/electronic diary, which is working very well; all going to make the drivers’ and coordinators’ jobs even easier!

For further details, please do contact Derek Ayling, Vice-Chair and publicity, on 01425 650 770 or on email: