Last Thursday evening, 5th May, saw the Fordingbridge Twinning AGM take place again, with a record attendance of nearly 40 members.

Maybe it was because of the cheese and wine which was offered after all the official activities were completed?

This coming year sees the culmination of 40 years of twinning, and celebrations will take place in Vimoutiers, Normandy during the first week in July.

Fordingbridge Twinning will be travelling out on Thursday 30th June, on the Portsmouth/Caen ferry. Fortunately, Vimoutiers is so easy to get to from Fordingbridge: just an hour’s drive from Caen.

Some members will be making their own way there, either by mobile Campervan, or by other means.

At the AGM, tributes were paid to our Founder, Dennis Bailey, who passed away during last year.

The new President, Helen Tague, was welcomed, and the committee was elected, ably chaired by Alison Ayling.

When the AGM business was done, Alison proceeded to explain what events were being planned for the forthcoming year.

They are:
a) The long weekend away to easy-to-get-to Vimoutiers, for the 40th anniversary celebrations, first weekend in July.
b) The very popular annual members’ Tea-Party on Sunday afternoon 21st August
c) The annual “Musical Soiree on Saturday evening 29th October, with the ever-popular “Blue Tides”
d) The Murder Mystery evening, this time to take place on Saturday evening 18th February next year.

“Don’t miss ‘em!” For further details, do contact Derek and or Alison Ayling on, or by ‘phone, on 01425 650770